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No medication should be given to your pet without the permission of a doctor. It is not safe to assume that you know what is going on with your pet. This could cause further health problems for them, resulting in a larger vet bill for you.

Large number of options for medications

If you need medication for your pet, we carry a large number of options and brands. The ailments that we carry medication for include allergies, anxiety, cough, chemo, eye problems, diabetes, digestive problems, heart problems, blood pressure, pain medication, seizures, thyroid problems and urinary tract infections.


Some of these problems can be very severe depending on the animal, so do not wait to get their medication.

To see the medications we offer, feel free to visit our online site here. We look forward to helping you and taking care of your pet's needs.


If you do not see a medication listed that you need, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Call us with any questions about medications.


If you have questions about any medication that is offered, please call us and let us know. Making a decision about your pet's care is important. We'll give you expert advice on what your pet needs.


We look forward to helping you

Make sure you are aware of what medications are for

Medication should only be given to your pet if it has been evaluated and prescribed by a doctor.